A future-proof poultry industry in and for Sub-Saharan Africa

COVID-19 has been desrupting industries all over the world. Therefore, being up to speed about the latest developments and short- and long-term forecasts of the poultry industry are now even more crucial to ensure a healthy and future-proof industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

On 1 September 2021, starting from 10 o’clock EAT the Virtual Leadership Conference will lead you through a series of presentations to help to make your business ready for the future. Will you be there?


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Welcome and introduction

by VIV worldwide

Nan-Dirk Mulder, Senior Analyst – Animal Protein, RABOBANK

11:00 – 12:00 Session 2: Zooming in on Kenya: Foodsystems study on poultry

supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands & Wageningen University

Herman Snel, Rural Innovation & Livelihoods Advisor, Wageningen University & Research